The 6 Internal Causes of Acne That Everyone Should Know

As the term acne sounds to be a very normal and simple skin problem that is likely to happen to anybody, it is not simple as it seems to be. There are various internal and external factors that lead to acne formation. Acne is a widespread skin disease that affects both men and women.

Internal Causes of Acne

Usually, this skin problem is mainly confined to teenagers. But nowadays with varying lifestyle and the enormous changes that are brought about in the environment as well as in one’s lifestyle, acne can affect people of the age groups and all skin types. Thus, adult acne is increasingly gaining popularity.

The most important cause of acne is the excessive oil or sebum secretion that is further stimulated by the hormones from the adrenal glands.  These oil or sebaceous glands in the skin turn out to be moderately active during puberty. These glands secrete oil which is responsible for creating a protective covering on the skin. Sometimes, the cells which are nearer to the skin surface, start clogging the openings of the glands. The oil then secreted gets collected just beneath the opening.

There are bacteria which thrive in the skin which starts getting multiplied due to such sebum secretion. Due to tissue inflammation, bacterial action can give way to acne formation. There are several types of acne, namely: whiteheads, blackheads, conglobate, rosacea, vulgaris, etc.

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To get to the core cause and understand it so as to eradicate acne issue, one must have a holistic approach. Few of the internal causes of acne are as follows:

1. Bacteria

There are bacteria which thrive typically on top of the skin and are major contributors to acne formation. The bacteria named Propionibacterium is chiefly responsible for acne formation. These bacteria produce enzymes which further dissolve in the oil or sebum of the skin and therefore, causes irritation, thereby inflammation of the skin.

2. Production of Sebum

how does sebum cause acne

Production of sebum and acne growth is directly proportional to each other. The more the sebum produced, the greater is the brutality of acne. There can be found a direct association between the amount of sebum produced to that of the harshness of acne. These sebaceous glands are largely present on face, chest, neck and also arms.

3. Follicle Growth

Follicle Growth and acne

The growth of follicle walls in an abnormal rate can cause acne. Often follicle walls grow abnormally and can source acne. Growing of cells can also hinder the follicles, thereby causing skin inflammation.

4. Hormonal Imbalance

acne caused by hormonal imbalance

Change in the hormonal balance is one of the major reasons for acne formation. Stress, menstruation, menopause, pregnancy can lead to hormonal changes. Two reasons for such hormonal changes are:

  • Androgens: adrenal glands produce androgens which is one of the chief internal causes for acne that excite oil glands in addition to its production. More androgens released, more is the acne caused.
  • Stress: stress doesn’t cause acne directly, somewhat heightens it. When the body is under tension, there are many processes that take place inside the body. The reason behind, stress gives way to higher androgen level, thereby affecting the sebaceous glands.

5. Diet

does junk food really cause acne

It is believed that healthy diet can keep one’s skin clean and healthy too. Insufficient consumption of water and more junk food intake can actually lead to unhealthy and uneven skin texture, thereby leading to various skin irritations, mostly acne.

6. Genetics

inheritance and genetics of acne

It is often said that acne prone skin is inherited from one’s parents. Though the exact genetic factor has not yet been discovered, it is considered as one of the internal acne causes. One has no control over this factor and therefore can find ways to keep the acne prone skin safe and healthy as far as possible.

The above-mentioned factors are the 6 main internal causes that lead to acne formation, besides those external factors. There are several acne causes which can either be dependent or interconnected. Therefore, one needs to look after all the requirements which can prevent acne formation. For instance, drinking ample amount of water throughout the day can actually keep the growth of acne under control. And also consumption of healthy food items like salads, fruits will also keep one’s skin acne-free.

Sufficient amount of water drinking sometimes, also help in less production of sebum which is one of the major causes of acne. One has no control over most of the internal causes of acne but still can take minimum care to prevent the forthcoming acne thereby, following a healthy and disciplined lifestyle.

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