Proper Ways on How to Steam Your Face at Home for Acne

how to steam your face at homeAcne is a no less than a nightmare. The moment it appears, it not only cause pain but makes one look uglier. People put their entire effort in every means to get rid of the acne, but sometimes it becomes stubborn and just don’t want to go away, and if it does, the mark stays behind to haunt you till the end.

You may have tried up various cosmetics or what your grandmother has advised, and chances are there that you still have your skin an area prone to acnes. When you are fed up of trying things, there is one thing or a way that can spark a hope and that it is treating acne with steam at home.

Yes, the process is done in the parlors and other places too, but doing it at home is not a bad call. All you need to know is to know how to steam your face at home for acne and the proper process. Taking into the consideration the real struggle of the acne sufferers, we are sharing the ways on how to steam your face at home for acne.

Ways to Prepare for Steam at Home

  • Take a saucepan and add water in and keep it for boiling. Keep the water until it starts simmering. Please mark that the saucepan you are using to boil the water shouldn’t be used for the food preparation.
  • You can likewise add herbs that are recommended to lessen the acne and oily skin in the boiled water like peppermint leaves, yarrow flowers, leaves of witch hazel, lemongrass, lavender flowers, elderflowers, sage, rosebuds and many others. All these contain the properties of antibacterial and astringent. To add herbs, minimize the boiling water to the minimal temperature that is enough to produce steam.
  • Before taking the steam, clean the skin and make sure to remove every bit of the makeup. Then cover your head with your towel from all the side and take steam and once the water cools up, pat your skin to dry with a towel.
  • For better impact, you can make the cleaning of the skin through steam a regular part of your skin treatment.

Process on How to Steam Your Face at Home for Acne

Please follow the process to steam your face properly.

  • Put a towel over your head and lean your head to the bowl, make sure not to dip your face and maintain a distance from the bowl, somewhere to the distance of 12 inches. Lean over the steaming water for 15 minutes.
  • While taking the steam, breathe deeply and inhale the steam making your face muscle to relax.
  • When you are done with taking steam, pat your skin dry with a clean and dry towel.
  • Though the steam treatment is very effective, make sure you do not rehearse the treatment more than twice per week.

Additional Tips

Follow these additional tips to enhance the steam treatment even further.

  • Applying toner after taking steam is a very effective. Dip a piece of cotton in toner and then apply smoothly on your skin. Repeat the task unless the cotton is left out clean.
  • If you are into using the alcohol contained astringents because it strips the skin. If you have oily skin, nothing is better than witch hazel.
  • If you want to get the feeling of the spa at your home facial steaming session, then you can purchase a facial steamer too, and it is not a bad call. They are also easy to use and clean, and the packet containing the steamer will guide the way of how to use, keep, and clean it.

Benefit of Facial Steaming

You must think that why facial steaming is important and why you should consider it, then please go through the below-mentioned points that make it evident that why facial steam is important.

  • It cleans the pores from the deep. The most common factors that add in favor of the acne breakouts are the blocked pores, and this further leads to the skin irritation and the infection. The best way to get rid of the blemish stricken skin is to get the steam in your face as it cleans the pores from the deep.
  • The warm steam makes your face sweat, and it opens up the pore that has been blocked for a long time and softens the skin’s surface that contains dead skin and cells. It releases the debris and the dirt as well.
  • The human skin naturally produces the element known as the sebum that in itself is enough to lubricate the skin and protects it, but when the sebum get covered by the gland, it can make your skin breakout resulting into the blackheads. When the steam is applied to the face, it softens the blackheads and helps it getting plucked out from the skin.
  • Facial steam helps your skin become more open and responsive to other skin treatments. Once all your blocked pores are opened up, your skin can respond better to the skin creams you are using.
  • When you take steam, it also improves the blood circulation of the skin and activates the thermoregulating response that refers that the blood vessels of your skin open to such an extent that the blood can flow better in your skin taking the sufficient amount of oxygen and nutrients to the tissue. The flowing oxygen makes your tired skin glow.
  • Facial steam helps in removing the toxins from your skin. Whenever you take a hot bath or steam, it helps your skin release the toxins and many times toxins is that element that causes an imbalance in your skin.
  • Facial steam encourages the skin relaxation. When your skin comes in the contact of steam, it creates a calming effect on your entire system. You can also add herbs and oils to get more relaxed feelings.

To sum up all, steaming has a very positive effect on your skin and almost every type of skin finds it suitable.

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