Is There a Link Between Coffee and Acne? – What is the Truth?

Everyone loves to start their day by sipping a cup of coffee. It kicks starts the day. You can have a cup of espresso or just a milky latte. Hence the coffee shops are very much popular with various types of coffees. Well if you are acne prone and a coffee lover then you know the struggle. You will always be in a dilemma on what to choose between acne prone skin and your favorite beverage.

Is there a link between coffee and acne

According to the research, many people have claimed that by cutting down coffee from their routine has helped them to get rid of acne. So a question has to strike your mind, and that is: Is there a link between coffee and acne? Well, it’s a yes because coffee can mess up with the entire hormone system. It has the power of triggering your stress hormones and causing breakouts. And many people add ingredients to the coffee which are also acne triggering. Not only acne, but coffee also has a very bad effect on our skin and makes it look dull, dry, and dehydrated.

But not everyone is the suffering here because many people are sipping 4 to 5 cups of coffee per day and still having great skin. So it depends on your metabolism whether your body can take that much of caffeine. If you are experiencing breakouts or acne, then you should contact your dermatologist and do a test so that you can know the root reason for it. And if it is found that coffee is the reason then you should start cutting down it from your routine. You can also use many substitutes in place of coffee like the green tea that are not only healthy but will also help you to stop the cravings which you will have for coffee. So coffee can be both good and worse.

Is Coffee Good or Bad for Acne?

Not everyone has acne because of coffee. But looking into the fact that coffee can extensively trigger the stress hormone causing breakouts it would be a wise decision to avoid it. Not only acne coffee can also make your skin looks dull and dehydrated. It can mess up with your entire hormone secretion and cause a negative effect on your skin. Yes, coffee has the power of triggering the stress hormones so you should consider coffee as a bad beverage for acne-prone skin.

How Much Coffee is Too Much for Acne?

There is no certain amount to tell when it comes to consumption of coffee. As it can easily trigger the stress hormone and cause acne and it depends on your body. It can happen that someone is having two cups of coffee and experiencing extreme breakouts while someone is having 4 cups of coffee without any signs of acne. So you need to make sure how much coffee your body can take. As coffee has a very negative effect on our skin, so it is good decision to cut down coffee completely. Still, if you are addicted to it, then you can have one cup of coffee each day and make sure it is the black coffee because coffee mixed with milk can trigger the stress hormone excessively.

Black Coffee and Acne

Many of us prefer having coffee by mixing some sugar and milk. And milk is something that is worse when it comes to acne as it triggers the acne. Whenever you have coffee, it will magnify the stress response of your body by boosting the stress hormones which causes the acne. So you can call it as acne bombs and should avoid the addition of milk or sugar to your coffee. If you are someone who cannot survive a single time without having a coffee, then you should always opt for the black coffee. Though black coffee is not going to save you from having acne, it won’t cause the same effect if you have milk in coffee.

Do You have to Quit Coffee to Get Rid of Acne?

Coffee has a bad name for causing acne. Coffee will mess up with the sugar level in your blood by elevating the stress hormones and cause imbalancement in insulin sensitivity. This will, in turn, trigger the acne causing a tendency of your body. So coffee can mess up with your hormones, so you need to quit coffee if you want to get rid of acne completely.

If you are someone who is addicted to coffee, then you need to cut down the number of cups gradually that you take. If you are used to taking 5 to 4 cups of coffee every day, then you should reduce them to 2 and in that place, you can have some green tea. Once you can reduce the cups, then you can stop having coffee, and you can see changes in your skin by having fewer breakouts.

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The Final Judgment

Whenever anyone takes something in excess, it will show some negative signs on their body. Nobody is telling you not to have coffee. But it is you who needs to decide whether the coffee is having bad or worse effect on your skin. If you have highly sensitive skin with acne prone nature then cutting down the coffee will help you a lot. Not only can that office also lead to diabetes when mixed with milk. If you are unable to give up coffee in the beginning days, then you can reduce the amount of caffeine you put in your coffee. Or have black coffee which is not that harmful.

If you are having coffee frequently, then you should also consume a lot of water so that your liver doesn’t get too much caffeine. Substitute them with good quality green tea. One thing that everybody should keep in mind that opting for medications for getting rid of a coffee addiction is not the solution here.


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