Is There A Link Between Acne And Dental Health?

When you consider all of the possible causes of acne, you might think about stress, the foods you eat, medications, or your environment. Most people don’t stop to consider their oral hygiene. However, some studies have shown that your dental health can have a direct impact on acne breakouts and their severity. This is definitely an interesting factor to consider if you have been suffering from acne and are unable to find a solution.

The connection between acne and dental health has only recently captured the attention of medical professionals. Some of the underlying causes are still a mystery, but it is understood that there is definitely a link between the two.

How Are They Linked?

acne and dental healthIn 1999, a dermatologist was dealing with a difficult patient. The patient was suffering from acne that was not responding to any form of medication. Multiple attempts at curing the acne were tried. All proved unsuccessful. Then, something strange happened.

The patient had a problematic abscessed tooth removed from their mouth. Shortly after the tooth was removed, the acne began to vanish. Medical professionals began to look into this scenario to see if there was any connection. They also found several other cases where the same thing had occurred. It was clear that there was some kind of link.

It is now believed that the linkage comes from a common type of bacteria known as propionibacterium, the bacteria most often found in acne spots. It is also found in various parts of the mouth and throat.

The infections in the mouth greatly increased the quantity of these bacteria. This led to an inflammation of the skin that causes acne.

A Second Case.

The link between the infected tooth and the bacteria increase are not the only recorded connections between dental health and troublesome acne. Another case that occurred much later started with a similar scenario. The doctor was unable to effectively remedy the patient’s acne despite trying various forms of traditional and non-traditional treatments.

In this particular case, the patient had recently undergone surgery on his front teeth. The surgery was due because the teeth had been troubling him, though at first the exact cause was unknown. The patient had silver present in these teeth from a young age, and his body was reacting negatively to the silver. It had also lead to the formation of an abscess in one of the teeth.

He then spent a lot of time with the dentist removing the abscessed tooth. He also underwent metal detoxification treatments to remove the silver that was present. Shortly after the heavy metal detoxification was complete, his acne cleared. It was entirely unexpected and helped confirm the link between dental health and acne.

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The Teeth Are An Organ.

Your teeth are an organ of sorts. All organs in the body can affect the others. Thus, the condition of your teeth can have a direct effect on the condition of your skin. Not everyone with silver in their mouth or who is suffering from a tooth infection is going to also suffer from acne, but it is a risk to keep in mind, especially if you can’t find a treatment that works for your acne.

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