How to Cope With Adult Acne Problems

You may want to get the perfect skin, but acne can make you look worse. Acne is a common problem of every human being. People faces acne problems in several stages of their life. But when you are young your immune system works perfectly, and your immune is able to fight with acne problem. When your age grows your skin faces several challenges and Adult Acne is the most common problem.

There are several ways to cure your this problem, but you need to understand first why you are facing an acne problem, and you should go for the natural way to avoid your skin problems.

What is Adult Acne?

Adult AcneWhen you seek the answer for what is Adult Acne, the simplest answer could be acne is the most common skin problem which can be seen in the adulthood.  It can be seen the age group between 30 – 40. In this time period, every human being undergoes several physiological as well as psychological changes.

Your external look defines your personality and if you are having acne problem that can kill your motivating factor and can be a cause frustration in your life.

Adult Acne Causes

Adult Acne can be seen with the growing age, and there are several causes which may change your look.

Hormonal Changes: When there are hormonal changes in your body that create acne problem in your skin. If there are any changes such as a sudden increase or decrease of hormones that creates lots of changes in your body. In male body when there is a sudden change of testosterone it increases oil production and creates acne on your skin.

In female lots of hormonal changes can be seen before the menstrual cycle or it can be seen when women are going through the menopause stage during this time acne problem can be seen in the skin.

Stress: Nowadays people are busy with their life, and they face several challenges in their life that create stress in their life and when there is a stress there are several changes can be seen in the human body. Each day you need to complete 8 hours sleep which will help you to get rid of your acne problem. You can go for stress release activities and make yourself happy which can help you to get the perfect glowing skin and when you do exercise it doesn’t only help your skin to glow also helps you to maintain a healthy life.

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Pollution: Every day you need to go out, and the environment is polluted badly that makes your skin worse, and it leaves a layer on your face that creates a blockage in the skin cell and creates acne.

Chemical products: In order to look good or want to keep your body safe from the sun, you may be using several products. But most of the products in the product in the market contain chemicals which may cause harm to your face and when you grew older, your skin faces lots of problems other than acne also.

When you are choosing any product, and you face acne problems, you need to choose such products which are oil free and which doesn’t clog your pores.

Food habit: When you grew little older you should change your food habit to live a healthy life. The study says that when you eat dairy products, chocolate, and carbohydrates that creates lots of physiological changes in your body. When you eat carbohydrates or sugar, it increases the insulin level in your body, and it increases the activity of oil producing hormone which creates acne.

Different Types of Adult Acne

Several types of acnes can be seen in adults, and you should know all the acne types, so that when you face such problem you can take the right treatment or medicine.

Papule: It is swollen and consists of blood cell, but you may or may not find pus in the papule.

Pustule: When you see any a pimple with a white substance which has blood cells and also has liquid is called as Pustule. This acne can be mostly seen in the hair follicle or sweat glands.

Nodule: Nodule is generally huge in size when you compare it with other types of pimples, it is lumpy and pus filled. This type of acne is inflammatory and leaves scars on your face.

Cyst: Cyst is usually filled with a liquid substance which consists of dead blood and bacteria. This type of a pimple is inflammatory, painful and can leave a scar on your face.

How Does Adult Acne Differ from Teen Acne?

Adult Acne and teen acne are really different from each other. Acne generally happens due to hormonal changes.

  • Acne in adults can be seen in the on their chin and mouth, but the teen acne can be seen on the forehead or cheeks.
  • Teen acne can be seen between the ages of ten to 25 but in case of adults, the acne can be seen between the ages of thirty to forty thought the reason could be same hormonal changes, but the types of hormones differ.
  • Teen acne may not be permanent and most of the cases it doesn’t leave scars, but when it occurs is adults, acne generally leaves a scar on the face which is really very bad for the skin.

Home Remedies

There are several ways you can recover your acne problem some could be home remedies and also you can go through surgeries or external treatments, but it is always advisable to go for home remedies first.

  • If you want to get rid of the problem, you should detox your skin.
  • Follow a healthy oil free diet, which will prevent oil clogging.
  • Leave healthy and try to sleep for eight hours and also try to go for exercise.
  • Make a healthy face pack using fruits and honey or aloe Vera will prevent your acne problem.

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Daily Skin Care Routine for Adult Acne

Cleansing: It’s really important to clean your face regularly, which will prevent from oil clogging and also fight with acne.

Toning: Toning is really important for your skin, which maintains pH balance in your skin.

Moisturizing: After cleaning and toning it’s very important to go for moisturizing which will nourish your skin with nutrients.

Following these tips can help you fight adult acne without any harmful side effects whatsoever, and leave you with naturally glowing skin.

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