Does Sex Causes Acne or Not? – All About Sex and Acne

The relation between sex and acne has always been a debatable topic among people all around the world. The myths and facts surrounding the relationship between the two have no authenticity but, that doesn’t stop people from believing it. Well, truth be told some part of the facts are true, and some are just made up concepts. To clear your confusion, in this article we are going to discuss every aspect of the relation between acne and sex.

Sex Causes Acne

Does having Sex Cause Acne?

The mother of all your doubts and beliefs is that whether having sex will cause you acne or not? You see, the thing is sex doesn’t exactly cause you acne, but it does trigger certain bodily conditions that lead you to have acnes. In other words, sex contributes indirectly to the formation of acnes.

The Link between Sex and Acne

It’s obvious that after having a good sex at night, waking up to find acne on your face the next morning, isn’t exactly the kind of thing that you would want to wake up to. And, when this starts happening every time you have sex, clouds of doubts start to hover over your mind if sex is the cause behind all these break outs. Hate to break this out to you but, sex does partially contribute to your acne. One of the main causes of acne is the increase in testosterone levels in the body. While male has this in large amounts, it occurs relatively in small amounts in female bodies.

While having sex, the testosterone level in the bodies of both male and female increases. This leads to the production of excess sebum and a certain type of bacteria that are known as P.acne. It is the presence of these two that triggers the growth of acne. But, sebum and bacteria function is not the only reason that causes these breakouts. Facial hair and sweat can also lead to the same.

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Now, that you know the truth, don’t be surprised if next time you see an uninvited guest on your face just after a night of, you know what!

Unprotected Sex and Acne

First of all, you should not have sex without protection until and unless you are trying to conceive cause it may lead to other harmful diseases like AIDS which are 10 times worse than having acne. Now speaking of acne, it doesn’t change the fact that sex triggers breakouts irrespective of whether you have it with a condom on or not. But, it certainly leads to red rashes or pimples on a penis if the partner’s hygiene is not up to the mark.

Sex and Acne Scars

It doesn’t matter how you got those devilish breakouts; they always tend to leave a mark behind. Acne scars are generally stubborn and cannot be removed easily. People with acne on faces or with body acne often feel very conscious while having sex with their partner which may ultimately affect their sex life. There are people who find it very unattractive or may feel uncomfortable to have sex with their partners if, they have acne or acne scars on their body. This is the reason why some people feel so insecure to open up while having sex. The best way to treat acne scars is to seek medical treatment.

Sex and Chest Acne

Although acnes are most common when you hit your puberty, it may also result from hormonal changes in your body. Sebum, an oily secretion that lubricates your skin and hair to prevent water loss is produced by Sebaceous glands. These glands are found all over the body except on the palms and the feet but are found in higher concentrations on the face, shoulders, back, and chest. Due to this, one may get chest acne during sex because there’s a change of hormones level in your body leading to excessive production of sebum. Both male and females are prone to have chest acnes. Other reasons of incurring chest acne can be sweat, hair and sex products used during sex.

Sex and Hormonal Acne

Men are more likely to suffer from hormonal acnes than women. This is because they have large amounts of testosterone in their body which is one of the causes of break outs. Hormonal acnes in men largely result from masturbation and sex whereas in women it results mostly from taking contraceptive pills, during menstruation or pregnancy and even sex. To put in simple words, hormonal acnes results from major hormonal changes in the bodies of both men and women.

Sex and Cystic Acne

Of all the acnes, Cystic acnes are the worst because they are painful, can penetrate through different layers of skin and are filled with pus. Cystic acnes are common at the stage of puberty as there goes on a lot of changes inside the body which are mostly driven by sex hormones. But in the adulthood, it may result from the stimulation of oil glands in the body during sex which leads to the production of P.acne bacteria. Propioni bacterium along with sebum results in the formation of acne infections on the skin. In females, cystic acnes may also result during pregnancy.

Sex and Acne Myths and Facts

Lack of proper knowledge about a certain topic is what gives birth to bizarre myths, the fact of which may be far from the belief. Like for example the myths surrounding acne and sex.

Myth: Sex and Masturbation cause acne.

Fact: It’s the hormonal changes occurring during sex that leads to acnes and not sex and masturbation itself. Not only sex but these hormonal changes may also be brought by body workout in males and during pregnancy or periods in females.

Ways Sex Causes Acne

It’s not only the hormonal changes occurring during sex that result in acnes but sex can also contribute to acnes in other ways possible:

  • Sweat: Excessive sweat produced during sex along with bacteria, oils, makeup and other impurities on your skin results in acnes.
  • Facial Hair: When a hairy face rubs against a smooth face, it creates friction and irritation which leads to the production of excess oil. This oil when combined with the dead skin cells pore, it leads to the development of acnes.
  • Sexual Products: The use of any kind of lubricant or oil to massage your body may cause you acnes, especially if your skin is prone to acnes.
  • Contraceptive Pills: Taking birth control pills can also cause severe acnes in females because of the hormonal changes going inside your body.

How your Relationship is Causing Breakouts

Does Sex Help Clear Up Acne?

It is believed by many people that sex can help clear up your skin because it makes you feel good and releases your stress. But, how much of it is true, it is still not known. Some of the common beliefs include:

  • Sex balances hormone levels.
  • The sweat produced during sex help regulates oil and open skin pores which clear up the dirt and impurities from your skin.
  • Having sex can make your skin glow because of the increase in blood circulation all over your body which results in a rosy radiance.

Can Lack of Sex Cause Acne?

For the hundredth time, it’s not the sex that matters but the hormonal drive that causes acnes. Therefore, even if you stop having sex, you can still get acnes. It is because hormonal changes can still result from other activities like a workout, menstruation, etc. which may lead to breakouts.

Too Much Sex and Acne

As already mentioned before, that sex leads to excessive secretion of sebum which along with bacterial growth and skin impurities causes acnes, therefore, there is a chance that you may get acnes if you have too much sex, especially if you have acne-prone skin. But, keep in mind it’s the hormones and not the sex that causes acnes.

Sex Hormone Binding Globulin Acne

Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG) is a glycoprotein synthesized by the liver. The test for SHBG is mainly conducted to evaluate the status of androgen levels (male hormones) in a person’s body. The men concern with men is the deficiency of testosterone while with women a slight increase in the level of testosterone can cause complete disruption of hormonal balance in the body leading to severe acnes and other problems.

How to Prevent Acne Caused By Sex?

Though you cannot do much about the hormonal changes occurring during sex which is one of the main causes of acnes, there are other ways in which you can at least control the growth of acnes.

  • Take a shower after having sex so that the sweat gets washed off. Otherwise, it may combine with sebum and skin impurities and result in acnes.
  • Friction resulting from the hairy face can lead to acnes which can be solved by shaving. But, if your partner isn’t willing to give up on his beard then at least try some other position where you can avoid rubbing.
  • Instead of using artificial lubricants or massage oils, try something more natural like coconut oil to reduce the chances of getting acne.
  • And most importantly, maintain your self-hygiene.

Acne is a nightmare to everyone. And if it results from something as pleasurable as sex, it only makes things worse. Truth be told, acnes can’t be avoided completely but can be controlled to a certain extent by following certain measures or taking the help of medication. Now, it’s up to you what you do about it!

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