No two pimples are the same. Instead of battling your breakouts with over the counter products maybe you need a dermatologist. A dermatologist is more equipped to bring clarity to your acne problems and your face. If you suffer from specific acne challenges making an appointment to learn more about your acne may be right for you.

 Dermatologist Opinion on AcneMany dermatologists note that mild to moderate cases of acne typically clear up in about four to six weeks. For these conditions an over the counter product, cream or cleanser works well. Your product should contain benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid or both. If self-treatment does not clear the acne you might need the expert help of a dermatologist.

If your skin is suffering due to clogged pores, excessive oily skin or other constant acne conditions a dermatologist can prescribe topical retinoids. This product is a form of vitamin A in that it aids in removing dead skin cells that are blocking and clogging your pores. It is an anti-inflammatory so it heals like vitamin A and lessens skin irritation.

Dermatologist Opinion on Acne – Dr. Schlessinger


Another approach dermatologist use is oral therapy in the form of antibiotics. This option is explored when acne is more severe. It is also if you struggle with pimples that will not go away. However possibly you have a hormonal battle going on. Using oral therapy treatments used internally can show results of clearer skin on the outside.

Some people have acne so severe that it is an emotional battle. Avoiding friends and special events is not the answer. If your acne keeps returning then a dermatologist can get to root cause and offer real help. You do not want to just battle your active acne you want your acne managed once and for all.

Whether you are under the care of a dermatologist or self-treating dermatologist recommend the following:

  • Oily skin sufferers should wash their face twice a day
  • Oily skin should use a cleanser with salicylic acid
  • Dry skin should use gentle foaming cleansers
  • Use Nix treatment with benzoyl peroxide on pimples
  • Consider seeing a dermatologist if no improvements happen

You must address your acne. Leaving it untreated could create more problems. If at home treatments are not working make an appointment and get some relief.

How Does a Dermatologist Treat Acne


While treating your acne remember not to be aggressive with your skin cleaning. Over scrubbing just brings irritation not progress. Dermatologist suggest if you are self-treating your acne please be patient. You might be tempted to try all sorts of products but they recommend attaching your acne at home in stages.

  • Use a cleanser that kills bacteria such as benzoyl peroxide
  • Exfoliate your pores using gently exfoliating products with retinoid
  • Remove excess oil

This has been successful for some people however since every pimple is different you must try different products to see what will work for you.

Consulting a dermatologist will help you determine what type of skin you have so it can be treated successfully. This way you can have the proper cleansing regime for your skin. Any oral or typical treatments can be prescribed to begin the healing process. A dermatologist realizes treating acne can be challenging but you must remain patient. It takes time but you can really love your skin again.